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Sleep is Medicine

Restorative, quality sleep is important for everyone, and especially seniors and people living with Dementia. A good night sleep serves as the primary building block for a good day or week. Our proven EvenWell program looks at simple ways to improve the sleep habits of seniors with measurable outcomes. See how this person-centered treatment works without the use of medication.

Specialized Sleep Assessment

It all starts with a personalized sleep assessment. After all, every senior is unique and will benefit from a slightly different strategy for getting a good night sleep. Our specialized sleep assessment involves reviewing a detailed sleep history and potential medical factors, sleep preferences, and desirability for natural sleep aids like gentle music or aromatherapy. Once the assessment is complete, we can begin carefully crafting a bedtime routine.

Elements of EvenWell

Use of Holistic
Relaxation Remedies

Bedtime Routines

Carefully Prepared

Special Evening Snack and Hydration Program

EvenWell Sleep Facts


The most vital period in an older persons sleep cycle are the hours that occur prior to midnight.


A sleep-friendly routine or “habit” that is consistent each night has been shown to help persons of all ages fall asleep and stay asleep more effectively.


Use of sleep aids can cause drowsiness, dizziness and confusion the following day.


Feeling “full” can help a person sleep longer through the night. Our residents typically eat around 5pm and may go till 8am the next morning before they eat again. This can cause lack of sound sleep.


Some foods promote sleep because of their chemical makeup, or because of their nutritional density.


The environment is very important to sleep. How a persons bed is positioned, lighting, temperature and clothing can impact sleep greatly.

EvenWell at Frontier Communities

EvenWell Sleep program aims to help your loved one cultivate a sleep routine that will garner a healthier lifestyle. Along with our award-winning SPARK activities program, EvenWell is exclusive to the Frontier Senior Living communities. If you or a senior in your life is struggling with sleep, reach out to the professionals at Frontier. We invite you to take a tour of one of our communities and speak with our friendly staff.

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