5 Reasons Why Elderly People Fall at Home

Let’s look at 5 reasons that many elderly people typically fall in their homes.
 5 Reasons Why Elderly People Fall at Home

For some seniors, one of the health risks associated with growing older is the increased chance of a fall occurring in their home. Falls can be extremely dangerous for older people, as many result in bone fractures or head injuries.

If you are concerned about an older loved one being injured by a fall, this blog will provide some important information on how to minimize the risk.

Fall Prevention for Older Adults

Let’s look at 5 reasons that many elderly people typically fall in their homes.

Nurse helping a senior woman walking the stairs

Walking Instability

Many seniors fall because they can no longer walk with stability. If this is occurring with your loved one, encourage them to use a cane or walker when moving around the house. A change as simple as this can make the difference between staying safe, and suffering a debilitating fall.

It’s also critically important that your loved one uses their walker or cane every time they get up. Do what you can to help them to get in the habit of doing this.

Unsafe Footwear Choices

While wearing slippers at home can be very comfortable, this type of footwear can be quite dangerous. By design, many slippers are loose fitting, so they can be easily put on or taken off. Because they do not provide much support to the foot and ankle, slippers are not a good choice for seniors who are concerned about falling.

Instead of slippers, encourage your loved one to wear supportive, non-slip shoes. This kind of footwear will not only minimize the chance of a fall, but also provide more foot and ankle stability.

Senior man and his daughter talking at home
Elderly couple drinking coffee together on the sofa at home

Throw Rugs & Other Trip Hazards

Throw rugs and other loose objects on floors are a major cause of falls for seniors. Take a look at each room in your loved one’s home and remove, any objects that could cause a fall. If there are throw rugs you want to keep in place, secure them with carpet tape.

Lack of Safety Equipment

Safety equipment in the home can make all the difference when it comes to helping your loved one prevent a fall. Grab bars in bathrooms, handrails in hallways, a lift chair for those who have difficulty climbing stairs, and high seat commodes are just a few examples of the safety equipment that is available today. Assess each room of your loved one’s home to see what safety equipment would be beneficial for their specific situation.

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Trouble Getting Out of Bed

There are a number of adjustable beds for the home on the market today. Unlike a hospital bed, these beds look and feel like a standard bed, but the mattress can be adjusted up and down, or be raised at the head.

If your loved one has trouble getting out of bed, an adjustable mattress could be very helpful. Raising the height of the mattress just a few inches will work wonders for their mobility.

Helping Your Loved One Prevent Falls

According to the CDC, falls are the most common way that seniors injure themselves. By encouraging your loved one to utilize a cane or walker if needed, choosing safe footwear, eliminating or securing trip hazards, using safety equipment and purchasing an adjustable bed, you will help them stay safer and more comfortable in their home.

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