We Provide Elevated and Enriched Experiences.

With a Corporate Office in sunny Dallas, Texas and a Services office in beautiful Portland, Oregon, Frontier Senior Living provides guidance and ongoing support to senior living facilities across the country. We’re proud to be part of the thousands of lives of those who call our communities “Home.” We’re also proud of the incredible Ladies and Gentlemen who serve our wonderful residents.

With more than 130 locations across 19 states, Frontier Senior Living is one of the largest senior housing operators in the United States. While our portfolio includes a large number of senior living communities, providing quality care at each individual facility remains our top priority.

Every location we manage lives up to Our Mission – To provide an enriched and meaningful experience to our residents, team members, and community partners.

It’s a mission we truly believe in, and one you can see in action for yourself by scheduling an introduction with a community near you today!

Meet Our Team

Frontier Senior Living is here to serve you every step of the way. Whether you manage your own community or want to find a perfect new community for your loved one, we’re here to help.

Management Services

Providing top-of-the-line management services to senior living communities is what we do best. If you own a senior living community and you want to bring your location up to its full potential, consider Frontier.

When we partner with you, we explore your community and take a vested interest in it. During this process, we’ll help you identify areas of improvement and show you how we might help bring those changes.

In the end, we’ll create a custom-tailored plan for your community that fuses our proven methodologies with your unique existing structure.

As a senior housing industry participant and regional leader, we are enthusiastic about the future of our field and are eager to assist companies in meeting their stated goals and objectives.

Frontier currently owns, leases and/or manages a number of memory care, retirement (congregate care) and assisted living communities in the United States. Further expansion of the company is expected to continue through its affiliations, alliances, management and support services, and via acquisitions.


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