6 Must Have Senior Living Community Amenities

In this blog, we will explore 6 key amenities to look for when considering a Senior Living community.
6 Must Have Senior Living Community Amenities

If your loved one is considering a move to a Senior Living community, the amenities offered there should play a big role in the decision making process. When it comes to amenities, not all communities are the same.

In this blog, we will explore 6 key amenities to look for when considering a Senior Living community.


Top quality Senior Living communities have luxurious accommodations in both private and public spaces. Look for a community that has a variety of apartment floor plans to choose from, so your loved one’s unique needs can be met.

A community’s overall decor should be bright and modern, with comfortable and inviting public areas for residents to enjoy. Check to see if there are open areas where residents can mingle and spend time together. Some communities even have libraries, movie rooms or game areas.

Dining Services

Eating is one of life’s greatest joys, and the Senior Living community you choose for your loved one should have a dining program that rivals any 5-Star restaurant. Look for a community that has a beautifully appointed dining room, with plenty of light and open spaces for residents to dine together.

Many communities also have in house Chefs, who prepare a wide variety of meals each day. Lastly, be sure to inquire about a community’s ability to cater to residents with special dietary needs.

Housekeeping & Laundry

When an older person moves into a Senior Living community, the thought of not having to clean their home or do laundry is very comforting. As you evaluate different communities, look for those that offer full housekeeping and laundry services. Being relieved of these activities will have a big impact on your loved one’s quality of life.

Activities & Events

Best quality Senior Living communities offer residents a wide range of activities and events to enjoy. Whether it be fun and engaging activities on property, or the chance to attend exciting off-site events, look for a community that provides a variety of each that matches your loved one’s interests and capabilities.

Clubs & Resident Council

Keeping seniors engaged in what goes on in their Senior Living community is important. Seek out communities that offer clubs based on a particular interest or hobby. Whether it be Book Club, a Gaming Club, or a sports-themed group, residents who share common interests love to spend time together.

Resident Councils are also a very popular amenity in many Senior Living communities. A Resident Council is made up of a group of seniors who represent all of the residents living there. The Council meets with a community’s management team on a regular basis to voice concerns, and resolve issues that residents may be experiencing.

Spiritual Activities

If your loved one is a person of faith, look for communities that cater to residents’ spiritual needs. Whether it be through a weekly Bible Study, or actual religious services being performed in the community, maintaining a connection to their religious beliefs is very important to many seniors.

Frontier Senior Living is Here to Help

A significant benefit of residing in a Senior Living community is having access to amenities that improve its residents’ quality of life. Be sure to look for amenities that match your loved one’s unique needs, both today and in the future.

The compassionate and experienced staff at Frontier Senior Living has helped many families find the perfect Senior Living community for their loved ones. If you would like to learn more about our services, we cordially invite you to visit one of our beautiful properties, take a tour and speak to our friendly staff.

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